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Monday, October 25, 2004

today is..

.. the 25th of October. Ha! :-) You thought there was going to be something interesting about today, didn't you?

You'd of course be right! Today is two months till Christmas day! Oh no! I haven't even started my shopping yet. If you know I will be buying a gift for you, now is a prime opportunity to get those requests happening.

But more importantly, today is Inspiral's Birthday! Hap hap happy birthday to you. :-) Have a lovely day!


Saturday, October 23, 2004

blog hangman - the phenomenon continues

I guessed Inspiral's hangman word: "whisk", so now the fun of hosting falls to me.

the word: Q U A C K

Congrats to Ben for correctly guessing this word that does not echo. Er.. only when a duck says it though. ;-) Blog hangman returns to its spiritual home, and now you needn't start a Rogue Hangman Ben!

|/      |
|       0
|      /|\       
|       |
|       |

guessed letters: S E H A N G T M R K C
incorrectly guessed words: Buffy :-)

*gasp* You people have guessed letters that spell "hang"! Is it an ominous sign?

Ohoh, things aren't looking too good for our little hangman. I can't think of a clue for the word that wouldn't make it blindingly obvious - so here's a little clue. * Think of a letter that's important to me, for without this letter, I would just be easy! *


Friday, October 22, 2004

assorted crazies and craziness

Yesterday while browsing I saw a bannerad for a movie called "The Machinist", starring Christian Bale. However, the photograph looked nothing like Christian Bale. Suitably curious, I further investigated the movie (downloading the trailer among other things) and was alarmed to discover that it was indeed a picture of an horribly thin and gaunt Christian Bale. The reason? Bale plays a character who hasn't slept in a year. Now, I'm thinking if you hadn't slept for a year you'd be DEAD, so I suppose that's the theory behind his walking corpse appearance.

What possesses a person to go to such extremes for their "craft"? I'm tempted to just lump Bale with a "crazy person!" tag now. Apparently he lost about 30kg in three weeks to play the role, and if that isn't unhealthy enough for you, afterwards he piled on 45kg in a couple of weeks as he was due to start filming "Batman Begins". Is anything worth putting your body through something so unhealthy? I'm sure there were immediate consequences to this starvation / binging, but what about long term consequences? For sure the body will seek its revenge at some point if you mistreat it!

Hmm, the movie itself looks quite intriguing, don't know when it will be released here, but you can download the trailer if you're interested.

* * * * * *

Last night the bro suggested I check out NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which was mentioned on the Blogger News page recently. The gist of NaNoWriMo is that budding novelists set the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel.. within the month of November. Yup, that's right, one month to write a novel. That's crazy talk! But as the site says, emphasis is on quantity rather than quality. ;-) I don't know, I'm thinking it could be a lot of fun so I might just give it a whirl. If I do, I'll probably create a separate blog and post my novel as I write it. At the moment my best idea revolves around a pirate and his pet bunny rabbit that communicates via morse code by thumping its cute li'l bunny paws. Admit it, you're excited! (Don't steal my groovy idea!)

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, my crazy obsession with the first series of Australian Idol continues! This morning I went shopping and bought Cosima's album, and Guy Sebastian's new album. I like my pop music. Yup, mock at will! :-)


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

photo fun (third and final round)

Finally getting to those neglected photo requests, now that I have finished my final assignment. Yes, you read that right folks, I am done for the year! Can I get a "woohoo!" or two? ;-) Well, technically I'm not quite done as I haven't handed in my final assignment but it's ready to go, tomorrow, a day early. Yay!

So, onto the photos. Ben requested two impossible snaps, including a picture of the first guy I've met through that online dating site I signed up to, and a picture of me watching Star Trek. Regarding the first, how remiss of me not to take my camera with me the first time I meet a guy. :-P You'll have to make do with an "artist's impression". As to the second, I cannot photograph something that has never and will never happen (no offence to any passing Trekkies), so I decided to snap myself watching another program that is sure to kill off any last remaining "cool" vibes I may have inadvertently given off. And finally, I can indeed provide a snap of me playing the super cool Flash game I designed for a university assignment. And look, I caught the little skatey in mid-jump!

Next! :-) Singlefin requested snaps of my car boot, the view from my bedroom window, and my garage. As it happens, I don't have my own car, and the one I drive has naught in the boot that belongs to me. So I figured that wouldn't be a worthwhile photograph. Unfortunately, I can't very well see the view from my bedroom as I have security grids AND an outdoor blind. But never fear, I took a snap the other day from the side verandah when a storm was brewin'. It's basically the view from my bedroom window, if one could actually see out of it. ;-) And finally, damn we have an ugly garage!

Umm, I'm still pondering how best to respond to the requests of The Saturnyne: "i want three pics which include all of the above... naked self optional... oh allright, you can include your naked elbow. If you must..." Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I can provide two of petiteflower's photo requests! I opted for the bathroom countertop over the medicine cabinet, right after I had cleaned it (see how it sparkles)! I refrained from tidying my computer desk before taking a photo as that would be an inaccurate representation. I like clutter in my workspace. Lots and LOTS of clutter. And yes, that be a photograph of a camel..

[ Third photo to be added soon! ]


Monday, October 18, 2004

I did it!

And no, I'm not referring to finishing my final assignment for the year. *sigh* Although, I did get the first draft completed today so that's a good feeling. An even better feeling however stems from the fact that I have finally accomplished my goal of making it onto one of the high score tables of an Orisinal game! I've been trying for quite some time - the Orisinal site has been my procrastination tool of choice over the past few weeks, possibly months.. I lose track of time. Anyway, not only did I make it onto the high score table of "Pocketful of Stars", I'm sitting pretty right ON TOP of the table! And look, since someone will no doubt beat me sooner or later, I captured the evidence for posterity. *does a funky li'l "go me!" boogie*

go MuzeKez!
(click for full table)

Ahh, bask in my reflected glory! ;-) Then, if you would like to attempt to knock me off my pedestal, click to play "Pocketful of Stars".

Have fun! :-)


Friday, October 15, 2004

all work and no play

..makes me a dull person, and this a dull blog! But a temporary end to the work is in sight. Today I handed in two assignments (that makes three for this week), leaving me with only one to complete. Then I'm done for this semester and all set to enjoy a few months of summer holiday bliss. Ahhh, I can smell that sweet salted air already.. which is odd because I probably won't actually spend much time at the beach. Or maybe I will, who can say?

Anyway, so time for an odd and random anecdote. Yesterday my sister-in-law rescued me from the drudgery of assignments for a short time so we could take in a movie. (We saw Wimbledon, we liked Wimbledon, you can read my short review over there to your right. --->) After the movie we both had to buy loaves of bread for our respective families, and while in the grocery store we came across a display of Greenseas Flavoured Tunas. I'm a big fan of tuna sandwiches and my flavours of choice are "Lightly Smoked" and "Tomato and Basil". Yesterday I decided to try something different and settled for "Spicy Chilli". Now, it should be noted that I'm quite a fusspot when it comes to food and far from adventurous. I don't mind "mild" spices, but anything beyond that is usually a no no. But I was thinking, seriously, how spicy can it be, it's mostly tuna with a bit of flavouring, right?

Imagine my surprise then, when I pulled back the lid of the can, and discovered, there nestled snug in a bed of tuna, a 3cm long WHOLE chilli! *gasp*

I didn't eat it. The chilli I mean - the tuna tasted great though, but a little spicier than I like. Perhaps I'll have to try the "Sweet Chilli" variety and forego the spicy. ;-)

feeling: uninspired [uninspired, alas, one assignment still to go!]
groovin' to: "Crush" - Gavin DeGraw
bookworm currently enjoying: "Guardians of the Lost" - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

don't let the little guy die!

Don't let blog hangman die people (hoho, pun fully intended)! It's great fun, and a good way to make new bloggy friends. Onanymous is hosting the current game - stop by and join in the frivolity and festivities of a good ol' fashioned hanging! :-)


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


download the internet

... well it made me laugh. ;-)


to the person across the road..

.. who is outside on this smoky October morn, mowing their lawn (and I use the term very loosely) - what is wrong with you?! We've not had any decent rain in a long time, your grass has not grown, it has in fact keeled over and died. Therefore, there is nothing to mow! Now stop noise polluting and stirring up dust, you are disturbing my Wednesday morning chi.


Friday, October 08, 2004

photo fun (round 2)

Here is the mind-blowingly exciting second installment of a little glimpse into the "real world of MuzeKez". These are the snapshots requested by Pickwick. Click on the images for a better view, if you so desire. :-)

bed in its usual state wardrobe with door open fave part of yard

Photo 1 Notes
Like a tiger! *rarrr* Before anyone makes any comment regarding the animal printed on my blanket and whether or not that corresponds to my own animalistic tendencies in the bedroom, let me state for the record that a sloth print blanket would be a far more accurate representation. :-)

Photo 2 Notes
This is only the left side of my wardrobe. Unfortunately it posed too much of a challenge to photograph the right side as there is a large entertainment unit in the way. The essentials at opposite ends: far left - big fluffy blue dressing gown; far right (before divider) - li'l black dress.

Photo 3 Notes
It's a little difficult to make out, but the predominant plant pictured is a foxtail! (No, that is not their technical name.) ;-) I just love these plants, because they really do look like foxtails, and they're wonderfully soft to the touch. 'tis my favourite jungley section of the yard!


pimples in odd places

I have a pimple on my knee. How weird is that? What is it doing there? What possessed it to choose my knee as the place in which to sprout its ugly little head? And why does it hurt like hell when I try and squish it? *hears a collective "ewwww!" from her blog readers*

I'd post a picture but that would just be gross.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

photo fun (round 1)

May I present the first installment of a little glimpse into the "real world of MuzeKez". These are the snapshots requested by Verbs. As always, click on the images for a better view, if you so desire. :-)

Aussie the Budgie inside the fridge a not-so-hearty breakfast

Photo 1 Notes
My pretty little budgie's name is Aussie and hopefully it's obvious as to why she is so-named. She lives in her cage as I wasn't able to tame her (females are harder to tame than males) and thus daren't run the risk of letting her fly around the house as I may never get her back in her little home. Plus she'd probably go berserk and run into stuff and that would be bad! She's very chirpy (particularly in the evenings) and loves to screech at the lorikeets when they're in the garden. She gets the crankies with me every week when I clean her cage and threatens to bite, but if I put my finger too close to her beak she'll only nibble. Thus I am convinced that really she appreciates my efforts in keeping her little home clean. ;-)

Photo 2 Notes
Baileys Irish Cream - not mine.
Cranberry & Blackcurrant Juice - mine!
Can of V - also mine, and it has been sitting in the fridge since July when I received it as a secret Santa "Christmas in July" gift. I'm too afraid to drink it because I rarely have caffeine and it's loaded with the stuff!
Three flavours of cordial - (Dick Smith) Lime, Sarsaparilla and Orange Mandarin Crush.
There's a tiny box of Smarties hiding somewhere in this fridge!

Photo 3 Notes
Up until about a year ago I was a Weet-Bix kid. Since then I've cut back significantly on my wheat intake and I am now a Rice Bubbles kid. This is my standard breakfast and it very rarely changes. Brown sugar sprinkled on top to taste.. bad I know, but geez it's a bland cereal otherwise. For the record, I never, ever skip breakfast, and neither should YOU! :-)


Monday, October 04, 2004

friday fun on monday

I came across this quirky and (potentially) interesting idea on Blogger News:

Ask your readers to think of three photos they'd like to see posted to your blog. (Things around your house or whatever.) When you have enough requests, post them!

So there you have it - fire away with some photo requests and, assuming they're not too outlandish, I shall comply. (It will give me something to do away from the computer when I need a break from assignments.)

Wheeee. :-)


Friday, October 01, 2004

say g'day to my new fishy friends

One of the few items on my birthday gift wish list this year was a couple of lionhead fishies. They are quite quirky looking and, frankly, rather cute (as fish go). My Nana decided she would grant this birthday wish and gifted me with the money to buy two of the little guys, so I ventured to the local Aquarium yesterday and picked out my new pets. I present.. Frodo and Peregrin Lionhead!

Frodo Lionhead Peregrin Lionhead Cute Fishies!

Frodo is the longer, lighter coloured fish, while Peregrin is the stumpy orange. They have yet to develop their "manes", obviously. :-) Hopefully they will survive long enough to do so! Unfortunately they were chased around the tank yesterday by one of the demon fish! The guy at the Aquarium assured me that it would be safe to put the little guys in with goldfish because, and I quote, "goldfish are very sociable". Uhuh, I see, very sociable and also either (a) very randy or (b) very territorial. They seem okay today, not being chased quite so relentlessly (they are not fast swimmers) and have also managed to find themselves some nifty little hiding nooks. Quirky and smart, what a super combination!