irregular muzings

Monday, May 23, 2005

hooray for animation!

One of the coolest things about studying a subject like 3D Animation is that during the lectures, rather than sitting, bored, listening to a talking head down the front of the lecture theatre, we get to watch lots of great animation examples! For inspiration, ya know? Anyway, I was particularly taken with one we watched recently, simply called "Bert". Thus, I'm spreading the joy - clickie clickie clickie!


well, I never!

I can no longer suffer the guilt, having been gently cajoled into completing this chain mail/meme thingamajig by Casyn last week. (Plus, I am engaged in some serious assignment procrastination this morning!) Incidentally, I've never done any of Casyn's "nevers" either, bar worked in retail for a three month period in my teens. But, I've attempted to come up with my own list of "nevers" - some are "never nevers!" (never have done, never will do) while others are "never say nevers!" (have not yet done, but, see title) and I'll leave it for people to ponder over which is which. So, in no particular order..

I have never:

  1. owned either of those most common pets: dog or cat

  2. been to a costume/mask party

  3. had a go at karaoke

  4. auditioned for any television reality or game show

  5. subjected my body to any kind of "fad" diet

  6. reached the magical one-year anniversary mark in a relationship

  7. permanently tattooed any part of my skin

  8. flown in a helicopter

  9. taken so much as a single puff from a cigarette

  10. snuggled up to a slithering snake *hisssss*


Saturday, May 21, 2005

the perfect gift..

..for the one you love hate! Give 'em syphilis! (Go on and click, it's cute and amusing, not at all gross and icky!)