irregular muzings

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

bite me!

My Mother reckons bearded dragons will bite ya if you tick them off. Do you reckon the guy below looks like he's fixin' to chomp on my finger? ...maybe I should give up on my quest to hand feed a full grown bearded dragon and just stick with hand feeding the little guys, like so:

young bearded dragon

Dandelion flowers.. yum! Sad to say, this little guy, who had in recent times called our front garden home, seems to have moved on as I haven't seen him since taking this picture a few weeks ago. Farewell little buddy!


Monday, April 18, 2005

a happy photographic accident

So little time, so much to do - but I had to pause in my assignment work to share a couple of photographs I took at a local park yesterday (click for enlarged view):

The photograph on the left, I accidentally forgot to turn off the flash (probably blinded the poor lizard, *gulp*) - but was delighted to find when I looked at the pic at home, my accident had resulted in a spiffy photograph! The photograph on the right is, of course, minus flash.

Anyway, I think bearded dragons are so cool, and this guy was patient enough to allow me to photograph him numerous times, so naturally I had to share his glorious self for others to admire! I attempted to hand-feed him some bread (which I had been feeding to the ducks, until I noticed this guy nibbling after some) and he let me get close enough to tickle his nose with it, but that made him shy away. Alas! So I dropped it in front of him and he gobbled it up happily after I had moved away. His reward for being such a well-behaved photographic subject. :-)