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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

forgotten friends


Once upon a time you had this really good friend. After a period of friendship, you realised you had stronger feelings for this friend. You dug deep, found some courage, and confessed to this friend that you had feelings.

Your feelings were rejected. The friendship continued for a short while, but then it fizzled out. Time passed.

One day, you started to think of your forgotten good friend. You missed that friendship, and thought how nice it would be to rekindle it. You located contact information for your forgotten friend.

You wondered whether it would be worth attempting to rekindle the friendship. Would the old feelings resurface and prematurely end the friendship again? Would the friend not be interested in even a friendship anyway? Would you have been completely forgotten? Is it fair to re-establish contact when it wasn't you who ended it first time around? Should the past be left right there where it belongs? Does history repeat?

Do I ask too many questions?



Blogger OzBrat muzed...

I had no idea you missed me so much ;)


You need to step back and look at why the friendship ended. If time simply drifted you apart then where's the harm in contacting the friend again? However if arguments, ill feelings or all-round bad times tore you apart, then I'd say just let it go.

Sometimes the past SHOULD be left where it belongs and yes, history sure does repeat... but then again, we only live once, right?

In short: Go with what your heart says. Then e-mail me and tell me who you're talking about. *lol*

10:27 am  

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