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Monday, June 25, 2007

Where's my Snow Patrol CD?

And my Snow Patrol ticket? I'm sure I purchased it a few weeks back, which is ample time for you (Ticketek) to mail it out to me. And I know it can't have gotten lost in the mail since you (Ticketek) have to send it registered because it's a GA ticket. C'mon Ticketek, don't make me worry unnecessarily!

Meanwhile, I think it's quaint that Snow Patrol are giving away a free CD with every concert ticket purchased. Mine's goin' straight on eBay! (Where it's sure to make me a cool 50c, what with the gazillions of Snow Patrol CDs that will flood eBay since a large portion of the people buying tickets to their show would *already have the CD*.) I sound a bit unappreciative here, don't I? I should really be grateful that any band gives away any kind of bonus when you fork out your hard-earned dosh to see 'em in concert.

So anyway, Snow Patrol are fifth in line in terms of concerts/musical events I shall be gracing with my presence during the next few months. YAHOOOOO!!! First up, this weekend is the loverly Kate Miller-Heidke, whom I am most excited to see as this will be my first time experiencing her music live. She's blessed with an exquisite voice and impressive vocal range, and some mad quirky songwriting skills, which makes for a splendid mix. (And she looks quite the saucy minx on her album cover!)

I'm off to see her in the company of me, myself and I, which is my usual company for concerts. I've never managed to find myself a concert buddy - either people I meet aren't much for live music, or they have different musical tastes. I'm well practiced at the loner-concert-goer thing by now, and mostly it doesn't bother me, but I've gotta say that the pre-concert period and any interval between acts is kind of a downer. Sometimes you can find some friendly strangers to gab with, but often it's a case of people stoically avoiding eye-contact! It makes me wonder if they equate being alone with being a loser, and therefore a person to be ignored. Or have we all just held too closely to stranger danger education as we've progressed into adulthood? I mean, I *could* be hiding lots of candy in my purse that I will use to tempt you, if only you meet my eyes..

hey! Maybe I could find myself some concert buddy friends if I started offering random people candy! "Have some candy! Now be my concert buddy!" Yes, this plan has potential!

now returning you from that tangent..

"Chasing Cars" was a great song pre-"Grey's Anatomy" and it will be a great song post-"Grey's Anatomy". That is all.



Blogger OzBrat muzed...

I'm not a huge fan of Snow Patrol.

I *am* a huge fan of how this Blogger system chucks my little reply window over to the left while keeping the original Blog post in view over to the right though!

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