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Monday, July 02, 2007

Gold Class for singles

There's no such thing - but there should be, dammit! I moseyed on down to my local Gold Class cinema on Friday night to see Transformers (it's fun, go see it!) and discovered that the Gold Class staff don't seem to accept the possibility that single people enjoy Gold Class too. Now, I do want to make it very clear that the staff were all lovely, professional and courteous (as you would expect), but they just couldn't grasp my solitary presence.

Here's how the evening played out:

Kez presents print@home ticket to Gold Class Staff Member 1 (from here to be known as GCSM-1).
GCSM-1: "Seat B8 - just the one seat then?"
Kez: *quite jazzed at this stage* "That's right!"
Kez wanders over to the bar, perusing the menu. She hands her ticket to GCSM-2.
GCSM-2: "So is it just seat B8?"
Kez: *feeling slightly miffed* "Yeah.. can I get a glass of wine now? And um, one for later?"
Kez heads into the theatre. GCSM-3, usher extraordinaire, glances at Kez's ticket stub.
GCSM-3: "Seats B7 and B8, second row from the front, on the right."
Kez walks to seat muttering about "No freakin' B7 here, mate!"

Two hours later, having enjoyed a coupla wines and a mighty entertaining movie, I had forgotten the frustrations of being a single lass in a couples' world. But it still makes for an episode worth venting about on a blog. And I still like the idea of Gold Class for singles! Especially if everyone gets their OWN dinky little oval table, instead of having to share!



Blogger OzBrat muzed...

Allow me to join you on this rant.


*feels better*

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