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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thoughtless, self-involved people

Mobile phones are certainly a useful invention. I personally appreciate the security that my mobile offers me. It's comforting to know that if I'm driving alone on some lonely stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere and my car should happen to choose that precise moment to break down, then I can immediately call for assistance. Oh, unless of course I'm in a "no mobile signal" zone, in which case, my "security blanket" mobile phone is completely useless..! But I'm sure you get my point.

I don't use my mobile phone a great deal to make calls, nor do I receive many, but I do a bit of social sms'ing. I don't really feel the need to be contactable 100% of the time and thusly my mobile phone isn't always switched ON, but it seems there are those in society who are so self-important that they simply MUST be available for anyone to contact them, any time, day or night, no matter where they are.

I consider these people thoughtless and self-involved.

Now, I do believe there are exceptions to this rule - depending on your profession. But the particular person who triggered this here rant is NOT an exception.

That person happened to be in the cinema yesterday, *in theory* enjoying the same movie that I was (Bridge to Terabithia, for those playing at home). The movie is quite beautiful and surprisingly emotional. During the key emotional scene (which actually made me teary, thereby proving I had become emotionally invested in the movie and had been swept into the "movie world", the whole point of going to the cinema as far as I'm concerned), what should happen but *RING RING*. Lo, a mobile phone!

I can forgive someone who may be just so absentminded that they forget to switch off their mobile prior to entering the cinema, but I know for a fact this was not the case. How do I know? Because it was the second time this person's mobile had rung during the movie!

Were they so important a person (eg. a doctor on call) that they simply had to leave their phone on? No they were not! Why? Because they didn't answer their damn phone! The first time it rang a good half-dozen rings before they stopped it, not leaving the cinema to take the call as they would have if they were indeed an important person who needed to be contacted. I forgave them this interruption. But to have then left their phone on so it would ring again, and during the emotional climax of the movie, that is unforgivable!

Unfortunately I couldn't see who it was to steal their phone and flush it down the toilet, as they so deserved. What a complete shame!



Blogger OzBrat muzed...


Meanwhile, a friend of mine has called me at the same time for the past two mornings. The time? HALF AN HOUR BEFORE MY ALARM IS DUE TO GO OFF.


10:36 am  
Blogger Ben muzed...

Last time I saw a movie, a person not only left their phone on, they answered it when it rang and talked loudly for a time! This is the real reason why LCD TVs, surround sound and DVDs are better than the cinema experience!

8:14 pm  

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