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Thursday, January 13, 2005

let's go bowling now!

Yesterday I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon in the company of delightful former bloggers Pickwick and Verbs, engaging in a few rounds of ten-pin bowling. As I remain the only active blogger of the group, it falls to me to report on the afternoon! Naturally, this means I get to make it all about ME. Yes indeed.

Now, I am a former bowler of some renown *cough*, a fact that I had partially shared with Verbs but kept from Pickwick.. until yesterday. That's right, I was once a league bowler. For two (non-consecutive) years I was a member of two different leagues, the first being a rather casual (yet still competitive) under-25s league and the second being a far more serious group, in which the team I was in finished the season in Second place. I suppose I should confess that if not for me, the team would have finished... First. Yup, I was the weakest link.

*sigh* League bowling experience should count for something, but I'm really a pretty ordinary bowler. I had hoped the mere title of "former league bowler" would strike (ha!) fear into the hearts of my opponents, but my first few bowls yesterday put an end to that notion. In my defence, three years have passed since I last bowled and I was therefore well and truly out of condition (a fact which numerous aching muscles are reminding me of this morning!), but still, my opening bowls (all sprayed to the right) of gutter ball - 1 pin - gutter ball - gutter ball - gutter ball were nothing short of humiliating!

Quite amazing then that I managed to score 104 in that first game. I also improved by 1 pin in the second game so the afternoon wasn't a complete embarrassment. Add to that the fact that I didn't lose either game and it was quite a good showing really.

Of course, nor did I win either game! To be honest, I was just a sideshow to the ridiculously competitive, ongoing Verbs/Pickwick Bowling Challenge. They have previously played a five game marathon and after yesterday's two games I believe Pickwick remains in front by one game. Honours were shared yesterday, with Pickwick taking out the first game and Verbs winning the second. Verbs was keen for a third game yesterday (determined to even the score!) but my arm threatened to detach itself from my body and scamper away if I entertained such a notion, and Pickwick was sympathetic. (In truth, I know she just wanted to hold onto her teensy lead!)

We obtained a print-out of the scorecard which I have dutifully scanned and uploaded.

Verbs/Kez/Piwi Bowling Scorecard

Just to confirm the difficult to read final scores:
Game 1
Verbs: 96
Kez: 104
Piwi: 132*
Game 2
Verbs: 122
Kez: 105
Piwi: 92
* a personal best for Pickwick.

The Verbs/Pickwick Bowling Challenge will resume next time Pickwick is in Brisbane, and I shall go along to make sure things don't get out of hand! (And also because their lack of blogs means they need a third party to attend and compose an eye-witness report.)

PS. Cheers for a lovely afternoon folks. :-)

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Blogger verbs muzed...

Lol! Glad you had fun! You managed to remain effectively neutral, but you realise if there ever is another organised bowling event you will become unavoidably part of the competition! Currently we're even - 1 game each!

5:06 pm  
Blogger Inspiral muzed...

Ooh 10 pin bowling. I did some of this in high school, some as school sport and some as junior league. Best bit was the 7-10 split I picked up during school sport bowling! I stunned myself, my friends and both groups using the lanes on either side. That was my major moment and it rocked!

3:46 pm  
Blogger Mister Alphabet muzed...

Bowling is great fun.
I was working in Canne (france) when the Film Festival was on. Immediately following the Film Festival, they have the Porn Film Festival (serious). To get into the spirit, the crew from the boat i was working on all decided to grew porn style facial hair. The culmination of this was a porn bowling game.

14 of us hit up the local bowling alley dressed in costumes ranging from alluminium foil and glad wrap, to a domminitrix (Ms Bootz), to pimp, porn star, and I went as the gimp (made myself a farily decent gimp suit out of a disposable fire suit and a dog collar).

We were so pissed though that they put us up-stairs, al by ourselves. One guy was so tanked, he fell over into a rack of bowling bowls and knocked the thing down. 30 odd bowling balls went tumbling all over the place, down the stairs! It was nuts.

Sounds like you guys had fun. 132 - thats pretty good.

8:07 am  
Blogger Pickwick muzed...

Thanks Mister Alphabet! Actually, as the 92 following attests, the 132 was a fluke. I'm still clinging to it, though!

Kez, your description of the competition was both fair and funny. Have you considered a career in sports journalism? ;-)

I agree with Verby that there will not be any observing of future contests. You're in the thick of it now!

'Til next time! Pickles

12:24 pm  

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